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Being GDPR ready is only one additional benefit among many incredible features in eOPAS. Accessibility through mobile phones means that staff, managers and employees can see vital records when they are on the move, 24 hours a day. eOPAS is also very flexible and highly configurable providing the ability to easily extract data for analysis and reporting.

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Our OH system, eOPAS, has been created to be an all-encompassing, comprehensive system management software solution; something adaptable and flexible that meets the demands of the modern workplace. Its flexibility and adaptability means you can quickly and easily make adjustments to the system yourselves.

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eOPAS is available through the web with full portal access.

Your solution can be server based or hosted by us. The choice is yours.


Welcome Page

Gives you the ability to see statistical information at each visit and to drill down directly to tasks.


Reporting Dashboard

Multiple dashboards can be configured from a library of pre-set charts, allowing a performance overview within the department.


Data Segregation

Sophisticated security rules enable secure access for each individual, to either a single or multiple records, as required.

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Web Based Portal for Easy, Remote Access

Fully customisable online forms can be used to gather information and map it directly back to the main application.


Advanced Reporting

The advanced report writing tool is easy to use, giving you full access to all of your data.



Capture all chargeable activity at source, including appointments, medicals, reports and even letters. All financial activity can be reported and exported for invoicing.


Clinical Notes

Produce a detailed set of clinical notes from previous clinical consultation comments, in a simple, easy to read report, based on chronological attendance or service. Opens in a separate window for ease of use and reference.


Employee Group Compliancy

Group your employees together for recall and compliancy reporting. The system will then report on compliance or non-compliance and will automatically schedule recalls.


Multiple Self-Check-In Touchscreens

Connect multiple self-check-in touchscreens to your system, allowing each clinic to configure their individual welcome messages.


Portal Quick Guide

There are short 'how to' video guides available to assist with form completion.


Training Courses

Training courses recorded to ensure continuous compliancy. Record training as a group or as a single adhoc record for reporting and review.



Multi medical centre and clinic session management, multi session view with appointment booking, blocking allows to manage free time and auto refresh keeps the diary synchronised.

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